Accepted Papers

Proceedings online on the EPTCS website: here

List of Accepted Papers

  • Massimo Benerecetti, Daniele Dell’Erba and Fabio Mogavero. Robust Exponential Worst Cases for Divide-et-Impera Algorithms for Parity Games
  • Stephane Le Roux, Erik Martin-Dorel and Jan-Georg Smaus. Formalization of an existence theorem of Nash equilibrium in Coq and Isabelle
  • Thomas Brihaye, Gilles Geeraerts, Marion Hallet and Stéphane Le Roux. Dynamics and coalitions in extensive form games
  • John Mccabe-Dansted and Mark Reynolds. A Parallel Tableau for Linear Temporal Logic
  • Andrei Sandler and Olga Tveretina. ParaPlan: a Tool for Parallel Reachability Analysis of Planar Polygonal Differential Inclusion Systems
  • Tobias Denkinger. Approximation of weighted automata with storage
  • Simon Busard and Charles Pecheur. A Backward-traversal-based Approach for Symbolic Model Checking of Uniform Strategies for Constrained Reachability
  • Manfred Droste, Temur Kutsia, George Rahonis and Wolfgang Schreiner. MK-fuzzy automata and MSO logics
  • David Müller and Salomon Sickert. LTL to Deterministic Emerson-Lei Automata
  • Stefano Tonetta. Linear-time Temporal Logic with Event Freezing Functions
  • Domenico Cantone, Alfio Giarlotta and Stephen Watson. Decision procedures for choice correspondences
  • Karoliina Lehtinen. The descriptive complexity of modal mu model-checking games
  • Fabian Reiter and Antti Kuusisto. Emptiness Problems for Distributed Automata
  • Raúl Pardo and Gerardo Schneider. Model Checking Social Network Models
  • Aleksandar S. Dimovski. Probabilistic Analysis Based On Symbolic Game Semantics and Model Counting
  • Lisa Hutschenreiter, Christel Baier and Joachim Klein. Parametric Markov Chains: PCTL Complexity and Fraction-free Gaussian Elimination
  • Laura Bozzelli and Aniello Murano. On the complexity of ATL and ATL* module checking
  • Laura Bozzelli, Alberto Molinari, Angelo Montanari and Adriano Peron. On the Complexity of Model Checking for Syntactically Maximal Fragments of the Interval Temporal Logic HS with Regular Expressions
  • Dario Della Monica, Angelo Montanari and Pietro Sala. Beyond ωBS-regular languages: ωT-regular expressions and counter-check automata
  • Martin Zimmermann. Finite-state Strategies in Delay Games